It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally taken some photos of my crafting space. I’m so very lucky to have a completely separate space in the house dedicated to Stampin’ Up! We moved into this house one year ago and it didn’t take me very long to choose paint and arrange the furniture. The room is just off the dining room where I hold some Stampin’ Up! parties, so it’s great to nip in and out of this room when I have guests. This is a very busy room on the ground floor of the house and has our computer in here for my husband and I, and also a creative area for Matthew. Come in and take a look around.

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 1

This is the view when you walk in the door with all of the room to the right.

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 2

To the left of the door, the shelves above store my latest creations and cards I’ve received from my customers or friends. On the shelf at the top stands a cake stand from Homebase, which stores all my Stampin’ Up! pin badges, and some sour cream cartons containing thank you gifts for my customers.

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 2a

I have a wall of punches which are stored open on (very reasonably priced) rails from Ikea. Previously I’ve tried storing them stood up on a shelf, laid flat in a drawer but I keep coming back to this way of storing. I’m a very visual person and seeing all my punches is a must for me. I love my punches and will very nearly own all of them, a collection I’ve built up over time. On the Alex drawer unit stands my ink pad carousel, BigShot and Texture Boutique. The drawers below are perfect for holding grid paper, paper trimmers, guillotine, tissue paper. This is also my area for keeping the Stampin’ Up! catalogues ready to pop in mailing bags, which are stored in the drawer below.

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 5

If I continue round to the left, on the wall (up high from little fingers!!!) are ‘Ribba’ picture rails from… you guessed it, Ikea. These rails are looking a little bare at the moment as I’ve just gone through a mountain of ribbon for my ribbon shares. (I’m awaiting a delivery today which will restock this area nicely.) I’ve stored my ribbon like this ever since I moved in with Tom in our first rented house together, and these shelves are still going strong. They are perfect  to sit the reels on, along with other items like my staplers, to keep out of reach.

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 8

Underneath the shelves is this wonderful area for my 3 year old Matthew. I have my mum to thank for noticing that his table would fit perfectly in the gap. The shelves and rail on the wall are just like I have, but his store tubs for his felt tips and crayons, Play Doh, stickers and colouring books. It’s really important to have him in the room with me and who doesn’t love being made Play Doh pizza?

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 9

Here he is now opening up a can of Play Doh. On the far wall next to Matthew’s desk I have an Expedit (Ikea!) which holds all my pattern papers, card stock and card stock scraps. The black cubes hold items like card swaps, retired catalogues and additional ink pads for classes. On top of the Expedit I have two bookcases where I keep all my stamps, marker pens, glues, BigShot dies and embossing folders. There is enough room to sit my other BigShot on the side.

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 3

On the top of the bookcases I have cream buckets to store more additional crafting tools for my classes. Down below on the left you can see A4 boxes, which hold all my scraps in Very Vanilla, Crumb Cake and Whisper White. I go through so much of those colours I have to have a separate scraps box for each of them. The white bucket on top holds all my pattern paper which is mostly 6″ x 6″ or smaller.

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 4

Here is where I photograph the projects I’ve made. To me this area is just perfect, it’s nothing fancy, just a Stampin’ Up! box, with Whisper White  card stock (soon to be completely covered in it!) with my daylight lamps fixed to the top. This is out of the way and off my desk and there when I need it.

Stampin' Up! Craft Room-Office 7

And finally, this is the desk I am sitting at now, where I manage my website, reply to emails and answer the phone to you. The white desk to the right is my crafting table. You’ll be able to see a tall white and black stand which is fixed to the side of the table. This is my wonderful stand which I attach my camera to ready for filming YouTube videos, and I stand at the end of the table facing where I’m stood take this photo by the window. I love this table because it has plenty of space when making multiple projects and the fact that it’s just that little bit higher for me to craft on, complete with bar stool!

Thank you so much for popping in today, please don’t leave until you’ve helped yourself to a slice of Play Doh pizza. Have a wonderful day xx

Play Doh Pizza

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  1. What a lovely craft space…..lots of ideas. I’ve just re-painted my craft space which also is my hubby’s home office . Everything came out so I could paint. I am now in the process of putting things back in and setting everything up. Your have photos have given me some great ideas, some for now and some for when the budget allows! Thanks for the slice of pizza, Margarita…….mmmm my favourite! Have a lovely weekend. Cheers Donna Z 🙂

  2. Wow! I don’t know how much has changed in 27 months Sarah, but it’s got to be one of the most perfect lay-outs for a Stampin’ Up! office that I have seen, so far. I simply adore your son Matthew’s space, which reminds me of when I worked as an NNEB Nanny in a previous life. I really like the chunky ‘floating’ shelves for the more light weight products, your well deserved certificates and your latest / favourite makes. It gives the room a lovely light and airy appearance. I can feel claustrophobic really easily so shelving units in a smallish room won’t work for me! Your photo-booth is ingenious – I’m going to have to steal / C(ase) that idea for sure. The whole room is clearly defined into the separate areas needed for a S’U! business. It also clearly shows what a really organised person you are and need to be in ‘our world’! It’s easy to see that being one of UK’s (World Wide in fact) leading Stampin’ Up! demos is really suiting you and your young family.
    Thanks for showing your ‘office’ with us.

    1. Hi Christine! Wow thank you! Since then I’ve had built in cupboards installed by Tom and everything has it’s place. I’ll h ave to have a sort out next week and do some new photos because this seems really old to me now :

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