I just love it when the post man or lady comes. I don’t always have the same post man but you can guarantee that the post will arrive between 12 and 12.30. Today I received some unexpected ‘happy post’ as I like to call it. Thank you very much Shelli for my Incentive Trip Certificate, I’m sure I can find a special place for this in my craft room. *Very chuffed!*


Here are my gorgeous flowers and handmade card I received from my wonderful upline Michelle Last. I couldn’t have made the trip without her invaluable guidance over the years. The incentive trip is not until June 2015, so I’ve got to push this achievement to the back of my mind and focus on this year. Aiming high to try and achieve the Incentive Trip 2016, a European Cruise! :-O I’ve GOT to get my husband and I on that boat!!

Madeira Flowers

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