Hi everyone, I’m having the most amazing time here at the Stampin Up! Incentive Trip, sailing on the Mediterranean Sea. As I type this I’m sat enjoying a cocktail by the pool in the sun, there’s no way I’d have thought I’d be at here in the middle of the med doing this when I joined the company in 2009!! What a great decision that was. *BIG GRIN*

BUT it’s not all about the cocktails, sea and sun, I’m meeting many wonderful demonstrator friends who I’ve been talking to and working with online, but never met before. Meeting my wonderful friends, who Tom and I feel we’ve known all our lives, Kylie and Bruno Bertucci, has definitely been a highlight of this trip for me. They’re just two of many people we’ve met.

So we set off for our flight to Barcelona on Saturday 21st May. Matthew was very excited to board the plane as he’s never been on a flight before. He loved it! The holiday has been a big adventure for him so far, cars, trains, planes and a massive boat! He really is having a great time, I hope he remembers some of the holiday as he grows up.

Setting off to the airport to incentive trip!

We spent one night at the hotel in Barcelona, the hotel and all flights were included in our trip from Stampin’ Up! 🙂

Thanks for reading today, that’s all I’ve got time for at the moment, we’re off to hit the water slides! See ya!

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