It’s time to spend those Bonus Days coupons!bonus days
Did you order with me in July? You’ll have received a Bonus Days email which included your unique coupon code(s) inside. It’s now time to spend your coupons on your orders in August. Yay!

  • Each coupon is worth £4.50 in value.
  • There is no minimum order to be able to spend these coupons.
  • If you have more than one coupon, you can use them all in the same order. Whoop!
  • If you’d like to order over the phone, I can enter your code on my ordering screen here.
  • Coupons can be used in online orders, put enter it into the Coupon Codes blue box.
    • You can also enter the Monthly Code Club code, into the host code box at the bottom (9NUXWU2Q) to receive a free gift from me in the following month.

Where to enter your coupon code online

Thank you if you’ve already redeemed your coupons, what a lovely bonus it’s been to receive a discount on the products.

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