The Clearance Rack Has Been Updated! Lots Of Bargains To Be Had! If you’re here to read up about the trimmer blades, see below.


Yay!! The Clearance Rack has been updated again this morning. There’s lots of products at amazing reduced prices, some things are in limited supply so once they’re gone, they’re gone.


Here’s a few of my favourites..

Stampin’ Trimmer Blades are back in stock tomorrow!

I’m giving you advanced warning that the blades for the Stampin’ Up! Trimmer are back in stock and orderable from 15:00 GMT tomorrow, Wednesday 14th September 2016. These are in a very limited supply.
Do you need new trimmer blades?
Let me know how many packs you’d like and I’ll post you them for FREE, saving you £4.95. For my UK customers only.
I’ll do a massive order for everyone and then post them onto you once they arrive me me. You can expect your new blades to arrive from 22nd/23rd September.
Each pack contains two blades, and are limited to 3 packs per person.

You must have your blade order into me by 15:00 GMT tomorrow,
14th Sept to get these blades because they will sell out.

Order your blades below with PayPal
(Please note that Sarah Makin is my maiden name and PayPal are changing it to Berry soon)

Order 1 pack only (£5.50)

Order 2 packs (£11.00)

Order max 3 packs (£16.50)

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