Hello everyone! I’ve arrived safely in Amsterdam for Stampin’ Up!’s On Stage Live! I’m so excited, I cannot wait to get until the event starts this afternoon. I hope to be updating my blog after each day, I shall do my very best but I will be very limited in what I can reveal to you. This event is more like 3 day secret mission, I’ll be seeing the new Stampin’ Up! Catalogue for June 2017! I cannot wait to get that new catalogue in my hands.

I travelled with my team manager Michelle from Heathrow’s lovely new terminal 5, arriving in style with Pod Parking! I’ve never seen anything like these little pods. Once you park and leave the car in the car park, you go to what would normally be a bus stop, but you get into a little driver less pod-car-thing! It’s such a strange experience and so very easy to bring your bags into the airport. I honestly felt like I was in a Star Wars movie. These pods are the future!

So in the evening Michelle and I took a little trip on the tram up into the pretty city centre. I’m amazed at the number of bikes around, it’s really great to see huge numbers of commuters biking in proper bike lanes going about their business. The ground is so flat so I can see why it’s such a popular method of transport. I’ve been told this morning that it’s quite easy to actually lose your own bike, or your bike is taken, so all you do it take another bike so you can get home. I did wonder why the bikes didn’t have brand names on them and most are quite old looking, nothing like the shiny clean, hardly used bikes that we bring out at home on the odd occasion. – Although saying that, Tom and I, and the kids are trying to bike more when the weather is good.

I snapped this quick photo of the sun on the builds across the water. All the buildings are so tall, with many windows. It’s great to just stand and look at them because you’ll find some are quite wonky looking!

Amsterdam has a lot of shops that you’d be familiar with back home in the UK, there’s Zara, Primark, Subway, McDonalds, even Burger King. I even spotted a C&A! I do love to photograph a C&A when abroad!

There’s several of these around, in many different colours! Tulips!

We finished off our little sight seeing trip with a glass of Prosecco and a pizza, it was delicious! This afternoon is when On Stage starts, doors open at 1:30pm! I just have a short walk over to the RAI Convention Centre as my hotel is just across the road. Then this evening I have the Centre Stage reception which is a special event for Silver Elite title and above, so I’m really looking forward to dressing up a little and enjoying myself at that.

That’s it from me for today, It’s our 4th Wedding Anniversary today and I get to spend it with the new Stampin’ Up! Catalogue. Oops! Sorry Tom!

I’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

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