Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Christmas was spent with my family which is always great as we have lots of young children and babies in the family.  It’s lovely to see them all again, it’s hard living away from your family but great fun when we’re all back together again.

The dogs were ready for Christmas! Even they have Christmas jumpers on! Molly, Oscar and Saffy.

Our start to 2018 has been relaxed and slow, with Tom having Christmas off, but a few shifts over new years.  The boys and I have been tidying up the Christmas presents and tackling washing mountain.  Tom’s new shift pattern is working out great, he has 5 days off in a row, which is certainly a big help when it comes to getting the boys to where they need to be and doing jobs around the house.  It’s also quite nice to spend time together in the day, when everyone is at school.  Walking the dogs, and places are so much quieter when school is on.

We’re certainly going to take things easy this year! Back in October just gone, I had a little health scare, which turned out to be what the doctor thinks, was a TIA, a ministroke.  Which at the time didn’t seem too shocking because we didn’t realise what was happening but looking back and after having various tests at the hospital we realise just how bad things could have been.  I’m okay now, not had any lasting side effects, but still waiting for a follow up with the doctors as all tests have come back clear, that we know of.  Being only just 30, they want to make sure they test everything as I’m so young for that to have happened.

So, with that bumpy end of 2017, I would like to think I will take things easy for 2018.  (Not that I really was working myself silly beforehand.)  I’m looking forward to 2018, like every year I set myself a few goals or targets, things I’d like to improve on or introduce into our family life and business.  I would say I started my business goals back in December, with the plan to stop my Monthly Craft Boxes. GASP! I know they were wonderful and ever so popular.  Thank you for your support with them! My customers have been saddened by the news, but I’ve not announced it outside of the group until now. I came to the decision to end them because they’d become so popular, but it also decreased the time I had for other areas of my business, crafting and making projects for you! I plan to bring out one-off Craft Boxes from time to time, but not monthly like I was doing. So for 2017, I’ve said goodbye to a much loved and popular thing with the hope to inject even more craftiness into the blog.

My most liked photos on Instagram for 2017!

I’m ALWAYS thinking up new ideas and directions to take my business, and I’m excited to see where it takes me this year. Spending time simply crafting, videoing and blogging about Stampin’ Up!’s wonderful product line, is why I became a Demonstrator in 2009 and I’m looking forward to creating content for you. I hope you will enjoy my blog even more as I introduce a weekly YouTube video. I’ll also be bringing back Facebook Lives crafting sessions too. Those were loved and are also missed, so look out for more information about that.

You may have noticed that I’ve given my website a little spring clean, everything must have its place and I work so hard on getting everything right and clear for you, as the reader and my customer. I hope you like it!  Quite often it can feel like there’s no one there, or no one reading or listening.  But, I know that is just part of being in business online.  You are all VERY much there and VERY much interested in me, our family and of course Stampin’ Up! The boys are always asked about and I thank you for that.  I plan to bring a little more of them back into the blog as you do like to see what they’re up to.

Christmas Eve Pyjamas for 2017. Without realising it, we do this every year so its kind of a thing we do Christmas Eve. How nice is it to go to bed with new pyjamas on? Matthew and Adam think its great, especially when its Star Wars!

So far I’ve been in business with the Stampin’ Up! product line since 2009, and each year an area of it grows and develops for the better. I ended the year with my best ever year in all areas, Sales, Recruiting new team members and also Leadership, for leading that team of lovely crafters and friends! All the awards and recognition is just the cherry on top of a wonderful cake.

Tom and I enjoyed the Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip in Thailand during the summer, and we also have another trip to look forward to in July 2018. An Alaskan Cruise! So, if you’ve ever been and have any top tips, we’d love to hear your advice. We simply can’t wait!

As for family goals, they are quite simple and I can run those off on a quick list. Take weekends off, go and explore new places as they love a good woodland walk. We’re very fortunate to live in Morecambe by the sea, there’s always plenty to see and explore there. Plus it’s a short drive to the Lakes to discover more there, and a trip to the Lakeland shop! Do more and see more as a family is always a great goal to have, Matthew turns 7 in February and Adam will be 5 in October. Time has just disappeared. Lastly, another goal is to keep on top of day to day house jobs, some DIY and not to panic if things aren’t quite perfect.

Thank you for your continued support and I wish you all the best for the new year! Do you have any goals or new years resolutions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

“Mummy, can we take this stick home?”

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  1. Happy New Year to you Sarah, Tom and ‘the boys’ – Matthew and Adam! My aren’t they growing up fast! I am glad that you had a good Christmas with your family, especially after a potentially life limiting health scare and at only 30! Time to slow down indeed – I should think so!
    It’s a shame your kits have had to go but your health, anyone’s health must come first! The NHS is under so much pressure these days so we all need to be better at looking after ourselves a lot, lot better – me included! It is tough living away from family especially if you rely on them for practical / physical support!
    Congratulations on all your awards at Centre and OnStage Soluhull in November, it just confirms that I have made the right decision to choose you as my Upline! I have been playing around and dilly-dallying too much, it’s time to get serious and take my demoship to a new level as well as push my business/es much harder!
    I am glad that you are going to be spending more time actually designing projects and crafting – perhaps that will include more live classes / a crop and a retreat or two? That’s a HUGE part of Stampin’ Up! – sharing what we love with others and in so doing encouraging others to make a difference in their own lives while supporting their family / loved ones!

    Personally, I am looking forward to seeing more live crafting from your home to mine and hopefully more opportunities to meet up with your customers, your downline and our wider team. I’m up for a crafty cuppa / lunch / tea anyday of the week! I have wheels and can drive – sooo just name the date, place and the time and I will be there!

    This was supposed to be a short reply! Eeks!

    Love ‘n’ hugs,
    Christine xOx

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