Sarah Berry Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator | Day 1 – Arrived in Seattle | Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip 2018

The Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip has begun! Wahoo! Tom and I have arrived in Seattle, we had a very pleasant 10 hour flight on board one of Boeing’s new aircrafts, a 787 ‘Dreamliner’. This is the latest passenger plane from Boeing with lots of improvements for passenger comfort, such as space and importantly humidity. Every time I fly I normally end up feeling very stuffed up for the rest of the week, too much information I know. These new planes are amazing, the humidity higher and the cabin pressure is lower so you do not need to drink as much, and makes you less sleepy and sluggish. The journey certainly gets a big thumbs up from Tom and I!

We decided to extend our trip by 4 days to allow us to recover from the jet lag and to see what sights the city of Seattle has to offer.

Tall contemporary building under construction.

Getting around in Seattle is so easy, there’s every mode of transport you could wish for. There’s a tram which is known as the street car, and is just a couple dollars per person. Even the main train line out from the airport to our apartment was just 3 dollars single for about a 30 minute journey. If only it was that cheap to travel on the trains in the UK!

Seattle’s Public Library

For our first day in Seattle we met up with Michelle and Simon and walked towards the Pike Place Market area. We almost discovered it by accident as it has 6 floors of different shops. Right at the top you come to the food area where there’s shops selling all sorts from smoothies to fresh fruit and vegetables, floral bouquets, handmade crafts, tea leaves to fresh fish. One corner of the market has a fish counter where the men sing and throw the huge fish back and forth. I didn’t get a video as I think I was in too much shock. It certainly draws the crowds not to the ammusement of the other stall holders.

Look at the size of that Salmon!

We bought some fresh fruit, some Rainier Cherries and Happy Haven Nectarines. The size of the nectarines is just huge!

We are enjoying our explorations so far, pop back tomorrow to see the rest of day one.


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  1. I too have been to Seattle many years ago when the flight took much longer and was less comfortable than yours. I went to demo for a friend of mine that had a small stamping company in Florida, She paid for my flight over after winning one of her stamping competitions. We became good friends and we still keep in touch 19 years on.
    Enjoy your time on the cruise with your family, maybe we shall get to meet up when you return home.
    Stamping hugs Joan Petty

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