Sarah Berry Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator | Day 2 – Boeing Tour | Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip 2018

Today Tom and I took a trip up to the Boeing Factory. We had a tour of the large factory building, where they make all the different types of Boeing planes, under one roof.

Prior to the tour of the factory, you are required to lock away all your personal belongings, no bags, cameras, phones for electric equipment is allowed at all. This is to protect the planes from anything falling onto them. So unfortunately I haven’t got any images from inside the factory.

The building is ridiculously big.  There are 6 different bays, and up to 6 planes are being built in each bay at a time.  Some of the facts and figures we were told were that 23 Taj Mahals would fit inside the building, or 2 Empire State buildings laid down!  The whole factory employs 35,000 people, and on a normal day, the 11 canteens serve around 20,000 meals.  Boeing have their own bus routes into Seattle to bring workers in to try and avoid too much traffic on I5 (the local motorway) and have the largest private firefighting department in th USA.  While we were in the factory there were cranes moving everywhere (there are 65 overhead 40 tonne cranes) and we saw a 747 cargo plane being put together for UPS.  Who knows, someday Stampin’ Up! goodies could be winging their way to Europe on that very plane!

The trip was just fascinating and I so pleased we went to see it all. Boeing are bringing out a new plane called the 777X which we got to see in the distance, Boeing already have 300 orders for the plane, so you’d best get your order in quick if you do not want to wait too long!

We are boarding the cruise boat tomorrow, we can hardly wait!


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